Toronto Arrows Supporters Club

The Official Supporters Club. So there!

What a day!

Sunday 7th April 2019 was a very special day for rugby union in Ontario. Finally, our first professional team took to home field to play in front of a sellout crowd.

Sell out!

It was truly a wonderful moment.

Check out some of the pics here

The day was not without its issues though, and lets address those elephants in the room straight away.

First, and probably the most important (depending on your perspective), is that it is entirely unacceptable, and quite frankly an embarrassment to the organization in totality, to completely run out of beer 10 minutes into the first half. I mean, I get that we are still working out the wrinkles for game day, but if ever there was a priority to get right, this would have been it. Fair play to the club that they sold over 3,000 cans of beer in about 40 minutes, but my suggestion would be to bring 6,000 to the next game. Rugby is a thirsty game for the spectator!

Secondly, the result. It was agonizing to lose to a try in the last minute, but the team showed a great deal of courage and creativity to come back from a losing first half, but that took its toll, and we just couldn’t quite hang on. It was a tough loss after such a resilient performance.

Crashing over the line

Now, with those 2 black marks out of the way, the day was an unmitigated success for the Arrows as well as for this supporters club. A sell out crowd is a magnificent achievement for a club in its infancy, so full credit to everyone involved in the Arrows organization.

It was also a great day for this supporters club, with our first official meetup going without a hitch, and we got a great deal of word of mouth spread amongst the crowd – mainly thanks to the kids and their leaflet distribution efforts! Hopefully, we will see this club grow as we continue to pimp our shit amongst the good and noble audience for the Arrows.

Big call out to Shopsy’s Sports Bar and Grill for not only providing 10% discount to TASC members, but also in coping with the crowds and busy service before and after the game with great skill and grace. To our server Kai, I can only apologize for the lascivious behaviour of a couple of our members, and we shall attempt to have them neutered before next week.

So we are off and running. With any luck, next week we’ll have just as great a showing by the clubs and also stick away the points for a win! Thanks everyone for turning out. ArrowsUp! 🙂