Toronto Arrows Supporters Club

The Official Supporters Club. So there!

Sit tight there petal!

The first home game is only a few weeks away and, quite frankly, we’re just a tad excited.

The supporters club is still in pieces scattered all over the floor like the aftermath of a toddlers tantrum as we try and sort ourselves out to properly represent.

We’ll get it sorted eventually, but as with all volunteer-based initiatives there’s always one guy who fucks everything up for the whole team. And in our case, that’s Mikey. But we’re not a blame culture – we’re in this as a team – We Not Me – but seriously, that guy. Ugh.

Anyway, more details will emerge soon as we get ready to show our support for the Mighty Arrows.

Get your cheering voices warmed up.

It’s coming, petal, it’s coming.