Toronto Arrows Supporters Club

The Official Supporters Club. So there!

Not sure my heart can take that.

Well, Friday’s match against RUNY was pretty epic!

Another awesome battle between two really strong side. It’s a testament to just how strong the game is here already that there were so few mistakes and those that did happen were quickly capitalized on.

It was a battle of the forwards and at times both sides looked like they had the upper hand. Malcolm’s kicking game was strong, Du Toit and our backs looked threatening, our lineouts looked tight, and we were able to maintain continued pressure on their defence that eventually buckled them through Ferguson.

That said, RUNY did the same to us.

The last passage of play in particular was unbelievably tense, with our backs right up on the tryline, and with waves of crushing attack after attack, we did incredibly well to hold them off for as long as we did. In reality, we shouldn’t have given away the penalty in their half in the last 5 minutes and Ben Foden produced a kick to touch of his career to put them in such a great attacking position.

Fair play to the home support as well, there was a good turnout from the NYC folks and they were vociferous throughout the game.

Let’s see if it’s a different story when the boys are back home and we can provide some loud and raucous support for the home games.