Toronto Arrows Supporters Club

The Official Supporters Club. So there!


In case you hadn’t worked it out, this is the home of the Toronto Arrows Supporters Club.

If you were looking for the Caledon Knitting club, then you are way off the mark.

We’re here to show our support for the game of rugby union and in particular the Toronto Arrows.

There is a whole membership thing to this club, which provides you with a bunch of exclusive benefits, not least the opportunity to listen to Mark’s war stories of what the game used to be like back in his day, or Chris’s ranting on what went wrong with last week’s lineouts.


There’s an option to become a sponsor of this supporters club and be part of the movement that establishes a world class rugby union team in Toronto

You can even buy some of our exclusive merchandise which you wont find in any shops or on the catwalk, but you’ll look particularly sexy at Tim Hortons..

In any case, it’s fun, noisy and slightly disrespectful.  Join up, it’ll be great.


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